Celebrating Chloe’s Birthday with a special feature!

In a record-breaking time, Chloe became one of the most requested vocalists in the Trance Scene and currently hold an amazing record of collaborations with the likes of MaRLo, Ben Nicky and more.

But, you might wonder, why we’re doing this feature? Chloe is indeed from Australia, however, she’s got a second home, Lebanon. Yes, Chloe is half Lebanese and we couldn’t be prouder of her work and would like to wish her a great birthday!

Chloe, here’s a message for you – even though we’re half a world away, but be sure we are extremely proud of you and we’d love to have you here someday with us. Never forget you have a family here, Trance Family Lebanon and of course a home! We love you, Chloe!

Now let’s take a look at some of her covers and live performances, enjoy!

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