Three brand new tracks from KhoMha, BT & MaRLo!

KhoMha feat. Emma Chatt– Other Side Of Me
As energetic as you can expect from a KhoMha production, ‘Other Side Of Me’ has all the hallmarks of a timeless Trance smash. From the wrecking bass to Emma Chatt’s fragile and emotional vocals, this cut will have fans remain lyrical long after they first heard this masterpiece.

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No matter where you hear them or at what volume they’re blasted, BT’s records will make your jaw drop faster than the law of physics deems possible. With ‘LSTM’, the American wonderworker churns out another masterpiece that gets Trance fans all excited. Melodically uncontested and carried by its meticulous arrangement, this cut makes music lovers the world over gleam with delight.


MaRLo – The Launch
Much like a rocket ship blasting off, MaRLo kicks off his own label with a tremendous amount of force. The first release on Reaching Altitude, ‘The Launch’ signifies the start of an endeavour that will thrill the world beyond belief and makes for a floor-filler of galactic proportions.

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