Sied van Riel pres. Rielism Vol. 4

Yep, it’s been longer-than-the-average since the mix-comp world received its last Rielity check. Not without noble cause though! The hands of its mixer-in-chief have been anything but idle in the interim. The release of its third edition, two + years back, coincided with the launch of Sied’s Rielism Records imprint. The intervening months and years have all passed with one goal in mind for “Rielisms”: musical self-sufficiency. Full developmental focus was applied and its results are writ large across the July 2017 release of “Rielism Vol. 4”.

The series is back in full force featuring lots of tracks from Rielism Records. Some of the releases include tracks from Eloquentia, Exouler, Garry Noon, Chris SX, Tasso, Ryan K and much more, without mentioning, of course, some of Sied’s very own releases.

On bringing this fourth dose of “Rielism” to fans, Sied said: “Not for nothing is “Rielism Vol 4” arriving a year “overdue”. Instead of contacting the establishment and getting music that would already be released before the compilation was out, I went on a truly epic hunt for music. Alongside Rielism’s label manager, we signed over 60 tracks from some of the world’s brightest talents, many of which you’ll hear on this compilation. It took me well over 7 months to compile and an additional 2 or more to create and finalize its mixes. In terms of comparable experiences though, I’ve not had a more enjoyable or fulfilling one. Hopefully people listening to “Rielism Vol. 4″ will enjoy taking the journey, as much as I did in creating it.”

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