Capturing Euphoria with Wissam Abdallah


Born & raised in Sydney, Australia, the 25 year old film maker Wissam Abdallah is from an originally Lebanese family. At the age of 8 he moved back to Lebanon for high school where he spent 9 years & came back to Australia & had his degree from SAE Institute. Working as a club bouncer & a rifleman in the ... Read More »

Interview with a Legendary Voice, Audrey Gallagher.


Trance Family Lebanon is proud to present the very first interview with a Vocalist & not just any Vocalist, we had the honor to interview the Legendary Artist & superstar “Audrey Gallagher”. We’ve talked about her recent work, her future plans & some exciting other stuff, read what she said here. 1-      First of all, can you tell us a bit ... Read More »

Andrew Rayel: “Trance is Pretty Big!”


On August 21st Andrew Rayel performed in Beirut as part of his album world tour “Find Your Harmony” and we had the chance to interview him before his performance. We talked about his music, the Trance Scene & the future. Here’s what he had to say! 1-      First of all, welcome back to Beirut. How would you describe the city ... Read More »

Bobina: “Back in the days Trance Scene was better”.


On August 2nd 2014, we had the chance to interview Russia’s #1 DJ Bobina about the Trance Scene & many other stuff and here’s what he said. 1-      First of all welcome to Lebanon. What was your first impression about the country? Thank you! The first impression is that it’s much better than what I’ve expected, I have to say, ... Read More »

Chris Bekker: “Trance will always be around”


On July 28th 2014, Beirut had the honor to host the very first “Vandit Night” in the Middle East and we had the honor to have a quick interview with Chris Bekker. Here’s what he had to say. 1-      Welcome to Beirut Chris, first time here, what’s your first impression about the city? Yeah, first impression: I was really impressed ... Read More »